Passion cookie

I’ve written previously about the amazing gingerbread cookies that we had at the Widg’s birthday party. And I promised to give more details about them, so here it is.

PassionCookie is the wonderful creation of my good friend Bryer. She has always been an absolute genius baker, so when she started up her own business, it was a no-brainer that she could do great things.

PassionCookie creates delicious handmade gingerbread cookies for special occasions and events, as well as selling direct to the public through the Eltham Valley Pantry, Macadamia Castle and local markets. They can also create special occasion and novelty cakes, as well as the great photo cookies, by special order, through their website. And they can deliver Australia wide.

And because their cakes and cookies are made to order, they can cater to just about anything you could possibly want. They are especially good at catering to particular dietary needs (Bryer and her clan are the actual stereotype of an allergy-blessed family, so they know all about that).

Basically, they’re really yummy cakes and cookies, and you should check them out.

Note: We’re not being paid to write nice things about PassionCookie. Although Bryer is our dear friend, we genuinely love her stuff, and we wouldn’t say nice things about her if we didn’t truly believe them. Just ask her, she’ll tell you.


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3 responses to “Passion cookie”

  1. Nadine says :

    I love these and said so (on FB) before I knew your friend did them. Will ‘pin’ this to keep it on record for future events. Thanks. :)

    • joweatherhead says :

      Thanks Nadine! The cookies really are awesome, we still have some left and they still taste amazing, I think they keep for 4 weeks or so. I will definitely be getting PassionCookie to do more of Noah’s events!

  2. Carmel says :

    they are gorgegous Jo!

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